About Us


Founder and Director Desmond Pillay and his wife Suri Pillay manage the company. Desmond is an experienced shipping specialist, having begun his career in shipping in 1973 and specializes in customs law and the harmonized commodity coding and description system. We have a staff of highly qualified and extremely competent people handling both South African and international clients.

What We Do...

Desmond’s Clearing and Forwarding is a global logistics service provider, specializing in the clearing and forwarding of cargo in South Africa and to the world. We add huge value to our clients by ensuring the correct legal interpretation, classification and valuation of goods takes place. In this way, we help clients avoid incorrect classification of goods, where selling prices could be prejudiced or penalties could be imposed.

Why We’re the Experts...

With affiliations of the likes of Jacobsens, the World Customs Organisation , the World Trade Organisation and other relevant bodies that make available logistics and customs news on a daily basis , Desmonds Clearing is positioned to be ahead of its mandate to our clients.

Our heightened understanding and interpretation of customs laws enables us to pre-empt, plan for and protect clients from debilitating, unforeseen hidden costs, even to the extent of representing our clients against the government...

Desmond’s Clearing Versus SARS : Feb 2006, case number 39/05

Desmonds Clearing and Forwarding challenged customs in terms of section 18 of the customs act no.91 of 1964 on behalf of a client. In the case outlined , customs had insisted on a penalty charge of R88 000. Desmonds Clearing went on to win the case in the Supreme Court in Durban, 2003. Customs chose to appeal the verdict, Desmonds Clearing again filed an appearance and went on to win the case again in the Appellate court in 2006. This constituted a huge victory, as this section of the customs act had been in contention for a number of years with our competitors paying the penalties imposed. The case may be view on the SARS website under Supreme Court of appeals of Desmonds Clearing versus SARS.

Desmond was directly involved in the importation of the first ever aluminum soft drink can manufacturing plant into South Africa. Desmond challenged customs decision to request a duty rate of 20% of the plant, costing millions of dollars. A meeting was scheduled with customs in Pretoria. After producing blueprints of the plant together with the interpretation of a machine constituting different elements of the assembly line, the chief in charge ruled in my client’s favor without hesitation. The plant was imported duty free and permission to import it (because of the size of the plant ) on different vessels was granted.

Over the years Desmond's Clearing and Forwarding have acquired and retained an illustrious list of leading clientele, who have integrated the added value that we constantly deliver into their business offering. Due to our finely tuned awareness of customs law, our clients are immediately informed of any changes in the customs act or regulations. So they’re always the first to know and first to react, putting them ahead of the pack.

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